ChemRXNHub Double Support Stands

Supports Up to Two Complete Reactors for Serial or Parallel Operation!

ChemRxnHub Dual Reactor Systems can hold two reactors from 300mL to 5L.

The stand provides support for Reaction Vessel(s), Glassware, Overhead Stirring Motors and Temperature Monitors. 

Supports reactors from 300 mL to 5L
Adjustable to fit the widest array of components
Chemical-resistant, heavy-duty stainless steel and aluminium components
Removable spill tray
Compact footprint


Product Code Product Description Quantity Quote Basket
CG-1949-X-20 ChemRxnHub™ DUAL Support Stand ONLY
CG-1949-X-25 Spill Tray, Polyethylene, 19"L x 12"W x 2"H
CG-1949-X-23 Lower Reactor Support for Dual Stand, 2 and 5L Vessel Capacity, PTFE Coated
CG-1947-B060 S.S. Reactor Clamp, 60mm, ChemRxnHub™
CG-1947-B100 S.S. Reactor Clamp, 100mm, ChemRxnHub™
CG-1947-B150 S.S. Reactor Clamp, 150mm, ChemRxnHub™
CG-2040-C-20 Heavy Duty Clamp Holder, Fits 3/4" Support Rod


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