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Sealplate Film Only, Sterile, 2 Rols, 100/Roll



Excel Scientifics’ unique SealMate™ system provides a convenient new method for sealing standard-format microplates with adhesive films. The system includes a moulded polypropylene dispenser with a hinged “clamshell” design and sealing films supplied in a novel sheeted-roll configuration.


 • Environmentally Friendly Green Product: Reduced Waste; No Protective Backing to Remove and Discard

• Convenient: Easy Film Application for Microplates

• Three Times Faster than Sheet Films

• Inexpensive Applicator

• Smooth Lower Surface for Pressing Film to the Plate

• Available Sterile or Non-Sterile

• Colour Coded Seals for Easy Identification: Green = SealPlate®; Red = AeraSeal™


The SealMate™ dispenser provides a protective enclosure for films on the roll prior to dispensing. It can be opened, permitting insertion of a new roll, then closed and latched securely by means of clasps at each side of its film-dispensing “bill”. Individual films on the roll are delineated by non-adhesive colour bands that serve as end-tabs for positioning the films on the microplates. The bands also act as markers to show when the end of one film has been reached so that the next film is not pulled prematurely from the dispenser. Each non-adhesive band contains two perforations, the first of which, bounded by a small indent at the edges, tears easily to separate the sheet being dispensed from the next sheet on the roll. The second perforation permits the end-tab to be removed from the plate once the film has been applied.


Several unique features contribute to ease and usability of the SealMate™ dispenser. A compression-brake mechanism prevents the roll from turning as the dispensed sheet is separated from the roll. The smooth lower surface can be swept across the film once applied to the plate to assure secure sealing around all wells. Thumb and forefinger notches above and below the film at the edge of the dispensing bill provide acc3ess to the non-adhesive band to facilitate pulling the next film from the dispenser. A prop on the lower surface prevents the bill from contacting the supporting surface when the dispenser is not in use. Alternatively, the dispenser can stand on one of the hubs at the roll ends during storage. The dispenser, thus parked, provides protection and keeps unused films handy for sealing subsequent plates without the need for opening small boxes or pulling individual films from plastic bags. The SealMate™ system reduces laboratory waste because the film is rolled on itself with no extra paper or plastic liner to be discarded before sealing the plate.


 Each SealPlate® roll contains films to cover 100 microplates. Colour code: green.

Each AeraSeal™ roll contains films to cover 50 culture plates. Colour code: red. 


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CLS-4000-006 Sealplate Film Only, Sterile, 2 Rols, 100/Roll
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