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Our sterile bottle assemblies are available in a wide range of standard sizes, from 125mL to 2L. Each bottle assembly includes a PETG bottle, a 2-port closure assembly that includes a 30mm 0.22µM vent filter, a 24-inch length of tubing with a plugged end, a 1/4” pinch clamp, a V-notched dip tube that extends to the bottom of the bottle and a polypropylene cap. The assembly is made from pharmaceutical grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) resin. The entire system is designed to ensure an unobstructed fluid path. Each unit is double poly-bagged and Gamma Irradiated at 25kGY-35kGY.

• Stopper rotates inside of cap for easy tightening 
• Strain relief molded into stopper at tubing exit areas to prevent kinking 
• Manufactured, assembled and packaged in Class 7 cleanroom 
• ISO 13485 Certified GMP 
• USP Class VI approved materials 
• Animal Derived Component Free (ADCF)

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CLS-1168-0125 Bottle Assembly, 125mL, 2-Port, SterileP10
CLS-1168-0250 Bottle Assembly, 250mL, 2-Port, SterileP10
CLS-1168-0500 Bottle Assembly, 500mL, 2-Port, SterilePK5
CLS-1168-1000 Bottle Assembly, 1,000mL, 2-Port, SterilePK5
CLS-1168-2000 Bottle Assembly, 2,000mL, 2-Port, SterilePK5
CLS-1168-0038 Cap, GPI 38-430, Blue, SterilePK2
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