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These all-polypropylene syringes are latex free and contain no rubber or silicone. The plastic plunger has a smooth draw and a positive safety stop to prevent accidental spills. Syringes are individually sterile strip packed. The Luer tip for the 1, 3 and 5mL sizes is centric to the barrel. The 10, 20 and 50mL sizes have a Luer tip which is offset from the barrel. The 1mL syringe is a long, thin Tuberculin style.
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CG-3080-01 Syringe, Polypropylene, 1mL Capacity, Centric Tip
CG-3080-02 Syringe, Polypropylene, 3mL Capacity, Centric Tip
CG-3080-04 Syringe, Polypropylene, 5mL Capacity, Centric Tip
CG-3080-06 Syringe, Polypropylene, 10mL Capacity, Offset Tip
CG-3080-08 Syringe, Polypropylene, 20mL Capacity, Offset Tip
CG-3080-11 Syringe, Polypropylene, 50mL Capacity, Offset Tip
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