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Borosilicate glass syringe has interchangable barrels and plungers. Colored plunger ends identify the capacity of the syringe. Flanges are flat on two sides to prevent syringe from rolling. All sizes of syringes are equipped with a metal luer lock and permanently fused graduations. For needles see CG-3075.
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CG-3070-01 Syringe, Luer Lock, 2cc Capacity, 1/10cc Subdivisions
CG-3070-03 Syringe, Luer Lock, 5cc Capacity, 1/5cc Subdivisions
CG-3070-04 Syringe, Luer Lock, 10cc Capacity, 1/5cc Subdivisions
CG-3070-05 Syringe, Luer Lock, 20cc Capacity, 1cc Subdivisions
CG-3070-06 Syringe, Luer Lock, 30cc Capacity, 1cc Subdivisions
CG-3070-07 Syringe, Luer Lock, 50cc Capacity, 2cc Subdivisions
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