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Air driven stirrer for use whenever the use of an electrical stirrer might be hazardous or impractical.  Ideal for mixing all types of solvents, lacquers and volatile chemicals without the possibility of spark ignition.  Motor accepts air input line pressure from 35 to 1000 PSI and delivers up to 1/3 Hp @ 80 PSI.  A needle valve controls the mixing speed while a muffler ensures quiet operation.  Supplied complete with a 9/16" Diameter x 10" long aluminum support rod, 4ft lenth of air hose with double fittings for connection to air supply, and a 3/8” diameter x 12” long stirrer shaft having a 2-1/2" diameter S.S. propeller.   
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CG-2025-01 Stirrer, Arrow, Air Driven, High Speed, 200-10,000 RPM, 3.6 in-lbs Constant Torque, Direct Gear Ratio
CG-2025-02 Stirrer, Arrow, Air Driven, General Purpose, 50-1200 RPM, 18.0 in-lbs Constant Torque, 7:1 Gear Ratio
CG-2025-03 Stirrer, Arrow, Air Driven, High Torque, 8-170 RPM, 100.0 in-lbs Constant Torque, 49:1 Gear Ratio
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