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The CG-1171-A-50 is controlled by an internal computer so that exact infusion rates can be set. Front panel switches allow for a simple setup, thus avoiding complicated menus or charts. All the settings are shown on the LCD display. Built in computer allows independent, precision infusion rate control.

PLEASE NOTE: Unit is supplied with a syringe clamp that will accommodate 5cc up to 50cc syringes. Adapters for micro syringes must be ordered separately.

· Calibrated in cc/hr
· Capacity: Microliter to 50cc
· Accuracy: Within 2%
· Stainless Steel Construction for all Critical Parts
· LCD Display Shows Selected Parameters Including:
o Capacity (Determined by Manufacturer Selected)
o Infusion Rate
o Choice of Syringe Manufacturers(1)
· Out of Range Indicator Illuminates When the Selected Infusion Rate is out of the Available Range
· Includes the R-Option-F Alarm Option
· Proven Pump Mechanism with tens of Thousands in Use
· External Operation Option Available
· USB Computer Control Option to Control Several Pumps at Once

(1)Syringe Manufacturers:
Becton, Dickinson & Co (BD) Plastic and Glass, Plastipak, Monoject, Terumo, Unimetrics, Hamilton (ul or ml), and Popper & Sons

Infusion Rates:
0.025 to 75cc per hour: with a 5cc Syringe
0.040 to 117cc per hour: with a 10cc Syringe
0.071 to 210cc per hour: with a 20cc Syringe
0.095 to 282cc per hour: with a 30cc Syringe
0.145 to 430cc per hour: with a 50cc Syringe
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CG-1171-A-50 Syringe Pump Only
CG-1171-A-51 Micro Syringe Insert for CG-1171-A-50
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