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These two-stage direct drive pumps are designed especially for chemistry and life science applications. Many parts are plasma-treated for maximum corrosion resistence. Anti-suck back valve reduces corrosive vapors from entering  the pump. A redesigned oil circuit reduces wear on moving components and a number of other wearing parts and forces have been reduced for a longer life. These energy-efficient and compact pumps are one-third to one-half the size of other rotary vane pumps of similar capacity, conserving valuable lab space.  The AF-0348-01 is supplied with a KF16 inlet along with 10mm serrated inlet and outlet barbs. The AF-0348-02 is supplied with KF25 inlet and outlet connections.   Note: Using a cold trap with applications involving solvent vapors is required. 
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Product Code Specification Basket
AF-0348-01 Vacuum Pump, 113L/min, Brandtech, Direct Drive, 120V
AF-0348-02 Vacuum Pump, 170L/min, Brandtech, Direct Drive, 120V
AF-0348-20 K16 to 3/8" Hose Barb, Aluminum (AF-0348-01)
AF-0348-21 K25 to 19mm Hose Nipple, Aluminum (AF-0348-02)
AF-0348-22 Oil Mist Filter for K16 (AF-0348-01)
AF-0348-23 Oil Mist Filter for K25 (AF-0348-02)
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