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CellMaker - PLUS

Key features and benefits

  • Inexpensive to use - Low capital investment, low cost disposable culture bags and maintenance
  • Innovative airlift technology - Delivers effective, controllable aeration and mixing, with minimal sheering
  • No cleaning or autoclaving required
  • CellexusBags can be emptied and replaced within minutes
  • Eliminates cross-contamination
  • Flexible culture/sample ports - Easy inoculation and removal of culture samples
  • Built-in air pump
  • Easy-to-use software allowing user to set temperature and gas supply and data logging, enabling excellent reproducibility
  • Flexible CellexusBag usable with wide range of cell types
  • Highly accurate heating/cooling temperature control from 15°C to 40°C enabling optimal condition for maximum output – No external heating/cooling equipment needed
  • Safe – Built-in pressure sensor allows automatic shut down in case of overpressure
  • Small foot print

System Description

The CellMaker REGULAR and PLUS systems include the following components:

  1. Enclosure

The enclosure houses the disposable CellexusBag and is available in 8L and 50L sizes. (8L bags are usable from 3L to 8L; 50L bags are usable from 10L to 50L)

The enclosure includes:

  • A built-in Peltier driven heating/cooling plate and temperature sensor allowing close temperature control and monitoring
  • An exhaust line allowing venting of gas through a microbiological air filter
  • A high efficiency condenser system for removal of moisture from the exhaust line, with gamma-irradiated, single-use condenser liners for ease of use and reduced set-up/turn-around times
  • Transparent panels allowing visualisation of culture progress and enhancing performance for light-dependent applications.
  1. Controller

Through the easy-to-use CellMaker software, the controller enables:

  • Accurate gas flow (Air, O2, CO2, N2) regulation delivered to the bioreactor
  • Precise temperature regulation
  • Data acquisition and real-time graphs displayed on a 15’ touchscreen monitor

The CellMaker PLUS, ideal for process optimisation, goes a step further by allowing:

  • Monitoring of dissolved oxygen (DO) and pH.
  • Automatic control of DO and pH. Feedback of data enables automatic gas flow regulation and pH adjustment through acid/base reagent pump or CO2 introduction

The CellMaker PLUS also offers:

  • Programmable oxygen enriched air ?ow rate and high ef?ciency of oxygen transfer (1 to 5LPM)
  • Dissolved oxygen and pH sensors enable monitoring and ef?cient control of DO and pH for optimal growth conditions
  • Automated pH control through CO2 addition or acid/base reagent pump
  • Optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software version available
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