Cellexus Disposable BioReactor Control Instruments

The CellMaker REGULAR and the CellMaker PLUS are state-of-the-art, easy-to-use, single-use, disposable bioreactor control instruments.

Designed to speed up and simplify cell culture and fermentation bioprocesses, they include a wealth of new technologies for efficient growth of the widest range of cell types. They are innovative, high quality, robust systems and have been proven with E. coli, pichia, algae, yeast, insect cells and bacteriophages. Cells are cultured in a unique and patented, single-use, disposable cell culture bag, the CellexusBag™, which expedites set-up times and eliminates cleaning requirements.

Unlike other disposable systems requiring shakers, rockers, rollers or large environmental chambers, the CellMaker REGULAR and PLUS systems eliminate mechanical methods for mixing by employing a proprietary airlift technology for optimal mixing and aeration of the cell culture. This highly efficient, quick, simple, scalable and inexpensive technology combined with precise temperature control enables production of high cell densities and maximises expression levels of soluble protein.

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