Vacuum Filter Funnels

  • Material: PTFE, PFA
  • Temperature resistance: from -200°C to +250°C
  • Chemical resistance: +++ universal
  • Transparency: transparent
  • autoclave: 121°

Filtration unit made of PTFE with cone size 29 for connection to a vessel (must be suitable for vacuum) with socket size 29. Multi-stage hose connector with integrated lock screw for vacuum tubing with I.D. 6 and 8 mm, filtration surface 13,8 cm2 , easily exchangeable filtering membrane dia. 47 mm. Filling vessel made of PFA with PTFE lid for protection against contaminations.

Flow capacity for water under vacuum of 100 kPa (1000 mbar) using a PTFE filtering membrane with a diameter of 47 mm and a thickness of 0,2 mm:

  • Pore size 1,00 µm: Flow 500 ml/min
  • Pore size 0,45 µm: Flow 115 ml/min
  • Pore size 0,20 µm: Flow 32 ml/min


Product Code Product Description Capacity of Filling Vessel ml OD mm Total Height mm Quantity Quote Basket
N1658-08 Vacuum Filter Funnels PTFE, PFA 125 62 188


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