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U-Shaped Stirrer Shafts,PTFE

BOLA U-Shaped Stirrer Shafts, PTFE

Material: PTFE

Temperature resistance: from -200°C to +250°C

Chemical resistance: +++ universal

Product description

PTFE-jacketed stainless steel shaft, u-shaped stirrer blade completely made of PTFE. Universal chemical resistance since the product is only exposed to PTFE.


Strong, tangential flow with high shear rate in the margin area, little sediments on the wall of the vessel. Ideal for mixing viscous liquids.

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Product Code Length mmShaft Dia mmChucking dia mmDimensions according to drawing A-B-C-D mm Basket
C384-01 35086,540-35-20-26
C384-02 35086,560-40-25-30
C384-04 45086,560-40-25-30
C384-06 45086,580-50-30-44
C384-08 60086,580-50-30-44
C384-10 60086,5100-60-35-56
C384-16 350108,080-50-30-44
C384-17 450108,080-50-30-44
C384-24 600108,0100-60-35-56
C384-28 800108,0100-60-35-56
C384-32 1000108,0100-60-35-56
C384-40 1200108,0100-60-35-56
C384-44 600108,0130-80-55-80
C384-48 800108,0130-80-55-80
C384-50 10001614,0130-80-55-80
C384-52 8001614,0150-120-90-90
C384-58 10001614,0150-120-90-91
C384-64 12001614,0150-120-90-92
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