DEFT Benchtop Formulation Toolset

Your Workflow, Your Instruments, Made Digital

Digital Enabled Formulation Toolset (DEFT) is your first step onto the digitalisation ladder and big data. Aimed at the bench scientist, DEFT provides the ‘information gap’ when comparing manually made bench formulations.


DEFT App acts as a digital logbook aiding the bench scientist by providing formulation instructions in a clear way while also allowing the scientist to make notes, take pictures and record video.

DEFT Gateway
DEFT Gateway allows remote device to start/stop and automatically extracts important data from bench devices that are standalone, such as hotplate stirrers, balance, pH meter and overhead stirrers.

DEFT captures formulations made as designed with time series data automatically captured which details the whole manufacturing process.  The product is built on the SiLA2 (Standardisation in Lab Automation) Rapid Integration protocol, data captured by DEFT can be used for audit/verification of made formulations, modelling and process scale up.

AST Cloud
Gets better with age, AST cloud services provide updates to both the DEFT App and DEFT Gateways supporting new devices, new Key Features, improvements and optimisations.  AST Cloud services provide insights into asset utilisation, diagnostics and a mechanism for reporting broken equipment. 

Total Flexibility - Scalable and Wireless
Scalable by design, DEFT Gateways support up to four devices simultaneously, if you require more devices, simply add an additional DEFT Gateway. All DEFT Gateways connect wirelessly to the network


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