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Paul Rademeyer
Oxford University

Many thanks for everyones help at GPE Scientific for the coaxial needle device you built for us earlier this year.

We have just had a paper on the device and its use published in a journal highly regarded in the microfluidic community, Lab on a Chip.

We also performed numerical simulations that matched the experimental measurements very well.

Again, we are extremely impressed and happy by the quality of the needles and the skill of your glass blowers. Paul from Oxford University.

Uri Friedländer
UNO Boxer Pumps

We received a professional technical support followed by precision made glass components which were all made within tight tolerances to our drawings within a few days after the order was placed. Can anyone ask for more? the price was highly competitive too! A good supplier to work with.

Liam Palmer - Laboratory Manager
Wheal Jane Laboratory

After a long search looking for a replacement for our discontinued Jencons Autoburettes we were recommended GPE as a company who may be able to help. After purchasing 4 of their 50ml Glass Autoburettes we were delighted to find they were everything our old Burettes were and more!

Colin Keyworth - Process Development Manager

GPE offer high quality lab glassware and the flexibility to create customised  vessels and apparatus which suit our needs. They come highly recommended to anyone who requires a special glassware design for their research.

Mike Dunning - Senior Chemist

This morning Plaxica received a new reactor lid (CG-1946-50) for our system to replace the one which we accidentally damaged.
I would like to thank GPE Scientific for organising  a very quick turnaround on this item, it is now installed and ready to resume our research.

Sean Creedon
Loughborough University

We purchased 15 complete 1,000mL Chemglass reactor systems from GPE Scientific for the new STEM teaching labs at Loughborough University.  We were kept thoroughly informed of delivery schedules in advance of the installation, which was carried out efficiently and without problem due to the professional way in which the technical staff at GPE Scientific work. 

The technical support GPE Scientific have provided since the installation has also been first class, we would not hesitate to recommend GPE Scientific to others as a supplier of chemistry reactor systems.

Duncan Sinclair

We have purchased a number of complete Chemglass reactor systems from GPE Scientific over the years, including temperature control thermostats. They have provided a complete technical solution for us, including installation, training and commissioning of the reactor systems. They work in a highly efficient and professional manner and always respond to our queries in a timely manner.

GPE Scientific offer a complete pre and post sales support solution for our needs and provide regular refresher training sessions for all our staff when required.

I would recommend them as a supplier of chemical reactor systems.

Dr Colin Jackson
Scientific Officer

The incubators have landed!

Very nice kit, just the job - and they fitted in the lift!

Nanalysis 60 MHz bench top NMR Spectrometer - Long term review
Kings College London

"Kings Chemistry Teaching Labs purchased the Nanalysis 60 MHz bench top NMR back in 2013 and over the years it has become an integral part of the laboratory programme.

Undergraduate students typically run both their starting materials and products for the majority of their synthesis experiments. 

The frequent use and in lab data analysis means NMR interpretation becomes second nature to our students by the time they reach year 3.....read more

Mars Scanlaf Class II Cabinet - Delivery & Service
Nemesis Bioscience Ltd

“To complete the setup of our Containment level 2 lab, we needed to purchase a Class II cabinet.  We asked the UK sales manager of GPE Scientific Ltd for a quote which included installation and the commissioning of the CL2 cabinet. We opted for a Mars Scanlaf Class II Cabinet sold and commissioned through GPE.

As we are located on the top floor of the building, GPE called to carry out a site inspection where we discussed the correct position of the cabinet for our lab and to work out the logistics for getting the equipment into the lab. 

Detailed discussion with GPE were necessary with regard to access of the cabinet into the laboratory, as the cabinet dimensions were extremely close to the sizes of the available access portals (lift, doorways, stairwells etc). A YouTube video was made showing the available access routes, including the dimensions of all turning platforms (stairwells, corridors and doors), and detailed plans were made with GPE in the eventuality that doors and/or doorframes might need temporary removal. The practicality of making an accurate box model with the cabinet dimensions to check for access issues was also discussed. A ‘Stairwalker’ was brought by GPE on delivery day, in case the cabinet would not fit in the lift, so all eventualities were covered with regard to physically getting the cabinet up to our lab. The cabinet did actually fit in the lift as per given dimensions, with just 3mm of spare room into the lift door.

GPE kept us well informed throughout the process via email and on the phone with regards to delivery times, commission date etc.  The delivery of the unit and commission date fell within those quoted when ordered. 
We are very pleased with the Scanlaf cabinet. It is user friendly with clear instructions provided. The unit is very quiet and it can also run on reduced velocity when not in use without having to keep powering off and on. We have had the unit for over a year, we use it daily and have had no problems.”

Patrick Gilbert
Technical Director - Agarose at Purolite Life Sciences

I’ve worked with GPE Scientific for many years, they’re a long-standing supplier of laboratory equipment to Purolite’s UK R&D Centre of Excellence in South Wales. We share our equipment requirements with GPE, and they provide advice on the suitability of a wide range of chemistry and life science laboratory equipment.

Purolite manufactures the ion exchange and affinity resins used in different separation, purification, and decontamination processes, with applications ranging from water softening to the purification of biopharmaceuticals. These products are specialised and highly valuable and need to be stored at precise temperatures in fridges and freezers. We also store large quantities of chemicals at specific temperature and humidity levels in our warehouses. For these reasons we were compelled to undertake manual checks of all our assets every day.

GPE Scientific made me aware of new technology that could take the onus off staff and provide round the clock monitoring of every asset on our estate, alerting us to fluctuations in temperature and humidity in time to fix the situation before it became serious. This meant we would no longer have to worry about what was happening out of hours, a particular vulnerability when we were doing checks manually.

GPE recommended KoolZone. They provide IoT-based (Internet of Things) sensors, gateways, and monitoring software. Their IoT technology is long-range, wireless, and low-power and this was of particular interest to me because we wanted an inexpensive and flexible solution that allowed us to monitor and reconfigure out assets without major upheaval.

After a demo which showed me how the sensors capture data via a cellular gateway that can be accessed from any mobile device, I sent KoolZone a plan of our facility. and they used it to map the sensors we needed. KoolZone’s long range (LoRa) technology meant we only needed a single router.

It became evident to me that KoolZone was exactly what we needed, I purchased a range of temperature sensors for our fridges and freezers and temperature and humidity sensors for the warehouses. There is no software or wiring to install, simply place the sensor where you want it, login, and access the data. I set-up alarms so I am notified by text if an asset falls out of a set temperature range. Furthermore, I can generate reliable reports quickly, I don’t have to wait for the old manual checks that were so prone to human error.

Before long, KoolZone highlighted an ongoing issue with an old freezer, which we replaced before it failed, saving us time and money.

I would recommend the GPE Scientific-KoolZone solution, it gives my colleagues and I peace of mind, which is hard to put a price on.

Bhaumik Bhatt
Chip[s] Board Ltd

I would like to take a moment of your time today and commend the customer support from GPE.

Yesterday, one of our colleagues from the R&D Team Dr. Yahia Lemmouchi got in touch with James over the phone regarding a few queries about our 2L reactor. James was so courteous and prompt that he was around at our site in Leeds in about 20 minutes. I understood later that James was near by and decided to come in and help us out.

This courteousness was shown to us earlier as well when our first order was placed, your decision to supply a temporary 500ml reactor as the 2L was delayed.

We understand the value of this support, as lately we have been dealing with a lot of suppliers,OEMs, service providers for our pilot plant and so far we have not received such prompt support.

We really appreciate your support and commitment to help us set-up our pilot facility. Impressed with your support I would like to promise that GPE will be our preferred partner for all our future requirements.

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