Norell NMR Tubes

Norell NMR Tubes

The leading distributor of Norell NMR Tubes

GPE Scientific is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of Norell NMR Tubes. We supply the full range of NMR Tubes and Accessories including the Select Series specifically designed for high resolution NMR and the Standard Series for auto-sampling and high throughput NMR.

Norell and GPE Scientific are dedicated to the advancement of NMR spectroscopy by manufacturing and distributing world class NMR products.

Advanced Manufacturing

Through our advanced manufacturing process, the NMR tube bottoms are uniformly hemispherical and consistent, thereby minimizing shimming and susceptibility differences among samples. This uniformity extends throughout the wall thickness of the tubes, maximizing the concentricity among tubes and lots. This translates to more consistent placement of the contained sample volumes in today’s advanced, highly homogeneous, high field NMR magnets.

NMR tubes are manufactured with round bottoms and are available with flat bottoms upon request. We manufacture all NMR tubes in any length upon request.