GPE Scientific is the exclusive dealer throughout the UK and Ireland for the Chemglass range of laboratory equipment.The Chemglass name is unparalleled with the design, innovation and manufacture of the finest laboratory glassware and equipment for the scientific community.

Chemglass flasks, funnels, adapters, stopcocks, a new range of vials, pipettes and airfree glassware, through to their range of complete process reactor systems make up only a small part of their comprehensive product range. Many of their products especially the reactor systems are used as protocol by many of the worlds finest pharmaceutical companies.

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Norell NMR Tubes

GPE Scientific is the exclusive UK distributor of Norell NMR Tubes. We provide the finest NMR tubes and accessories including Ultra Precision sample tubes, Economy tubes, Sample Vault Tubes, Quartz Sample tubes and NMR tubes with J Young Valve.

We now stock the High Pressure Valved and Intermediate Pressure Valved Sample tubes, part of the new NMR collection.


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Glassblowing Tools and Accessories

GPE Scientific is the exclusive European distributor of Wale Apparatus Co. Inc. We offer an extensive range of glassblowing tools and safety products for every scientific glassblower. These products include items such as glassblowers hand torches, bench burners, glassblowing eyewear, glassblowing cutting tools and protective gloves. 

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J Young


J Young Valves

GPE Scientific took over the manufacturing of the J Young Company in March 2010 and are now the exclusive manufacturer of the J Young Brand.

 We offer a wide range of products including J Young NMR Valves, J Young High Vacuum Greaseless Stopcock and General Purpose Stopcocks Spherical Joints, Needle Valves, Air Inlet Valves and Sample Flasks and Tubes. We also provide High Vacuum O-Ring Joints.

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Syrris Process and Flow Chemistry

Syrris creates automated products for research and development chemists and is a world leader in flow chemistry, microreactor and automation technology.

The full range of Syrris products for process chemistry, discovery chemistry and chemical engineering includes products such as flow reactors (microreactors), laboratory automation software, chemical reactors, syringe pumps, jacketed reactors (automated laboratory reactors), pressure reactors, reaction calorimeters, parallel chemistry reactors and much more can be found here.

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Armar Chemicals

NMR solvents and deuterated compounds are produced in Switzerland by Armar AG and exclusively distributed throughout the UK and Ireland by GPE Scientific.

The top ten solvents are available to order today!



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Nanalysis NMR Benchtop Spectrometer

NMReady™ is a revolutionary fully portable benchtop NMR spectrometer. It offers spectroscopic resolution at a fraction of the size, cost and maintenance of current NMR instrumentation.

The Spectrometer allows you to quickly perform routine NMR measurements (sample proton spectra and fluorine spectra) with One-Touch-NMR™ touchscreen, which enables use by non-experts.

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New ChemRxnHub Dual Reactor System

Glass Pressure Reaction Vessel

ChemRxnHub single and dual reactor system workstations in 300mL to 5 litre configurations.


Great for those who need complete, off-the-shelf systems that are quick to assemble, operate and maintain. The unique design of the ChemRxnHub™ support stand and clamping system allows for easy installation and removal of glassware.

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Norell NMR Tubes and Accessories

Glass Pressure Reaction Vessel

 We are the exclusive UK distributor of Norell NMR Tubes and Accessories. We supply the complete range of NMR tubes from Select, Standard, Sample Vault, Special Purpose Tubes to specialist High Pressure Valved and Intermediate Pressure Valved Sample Tubes.


We also offer a wide range of accessories to accompany your NMR needs.


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Homogenisers from GPE Glassware

Glass Pressure Reaction Vessel

GPE manufactures a range of homogenisers manufactured from borosilicate glass with either glass or PTFE pestles. 


We also offer specialist ranges of homogenisers including Dounce and Griffiths tubes, Round Body, Duo-form and Mini Homogenisers. 


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Vacuum Manifolds/Schlenk Lines

Glass Pressure Reaction Vessel

We produce Vacuum Manifolds and Schlenk Lines using our J. Young high vacuum PTFE valves or glass stopcocks.


We offer General Purpose, Space Saving, Dual Bank and Offset Schlenk Lines and can also manufacture any shape or size according to your requirements.

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Industrial Glass & Scientific Glassblowing

Glass Pressure Reaction Vessel

GPE has a sophisticated glassblowing department and has been producing glass blown laboratory components and apparatus since 1962.


We also manufacture borosilicate glass components for the industrial and research sectors including precision bore tubing, precision ground glass tubing and rod, flow meters, stirrer shafts,OEM components, glass cylinders, optical discs and many other custom made items. 

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NEW! Portable Benchtop NMR Spectrometer.

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